Trio Rêsto & Grill

Dishes totally differentiated, fusions of flavors that only in Trio can taste!

Days and hours

  • Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
  • 17:00 - 22:00

Trio is the restaurant that offers a different concept of gastronomy, with fresh and organic products, creations and re-readings of Brazilian and contemporary cuisine.

Chefs Assis Chaves, Reggio Alan and the Administrative Manager Patrício Barros form the trio. “Each of us has his own history within the culinary industry ... And at one point we met and today we are the Restô & Grill Trio. ”

We understand and take very seriously that the daily life of the restaurant in general and especially of the kitchen sector is not a static environment and is constantly moving. With this, we persist in adding new things by providing different suggestions and ideas, such as: mini strawberries, sea shrimp, cheese from the Sierra da Canastra, herbs directly from the garden, among others. You can not fail to know and honor this new space that is already a success in Pipa.


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