More Than Ten Days

Long stay in Pipa? This is what you have to know!

Itinerary for 10 days in Pipa or more

The Vive Pipa team created an itinerary suggestion of 10 days or more in Pipa with advice of unmissable rides with options so that you can choose between resting or returning to your favorite beach.

- Day 1
Arrive at the entrance of Tibau do Sul to appreciate the unforgettable view of the Guaraíras Lagoon, go to Tibau do Sul Beach, located on the shores of the lagoon and take advantage to enjoy its calm waters. For lunch choose one of the beach bars (barracas) available in this place, which offer many options with a good structure and bathrooms in all the barracks. All are easily accessible and accept credit and debit cards.

The suggestion of walks in Tibau do Sul is that of kayaking in the lagoon organized by Bicho Mangue. To facilitate the paddling, the departure time varies according to the tide, so everyone can take advantage of the landscape and, at the same time, practice outdoor physical exercise.

We indicate that you stay on this beach until the end of the day, because the sunset is very nice and worth it.

Before going to Pipa, dine at the MP Lanches restaurant, which is located in the district of Cabeceiras, close to Tibau. His dishes always win some prize in the gastronomic festivals of Pipa, besides being good and economical. An excellent cost-benefit.

- Day 2
Take the day two to venture on a Jeep ride in a 4x4 Camaro with an exit from the Playa del Centro towards Ruta Sur with strategic stops at tourist points in the region and with amazing views.

At lunchtime they stop at the restaurant Camarão na Fazenda and immediately continue along the Ruta Norte.

With approximately 7 hours of duration, this tour will take you to different beaches and ends leaving it at your hotel or pousada. To know more click here.

- Day 3
Take the third day to see the Pipa Center Beach where you can choose one of the barracks to stay or the Pipa Beach Club restaurant, located in front of the board. He offers an optimal structure with cushioned tables and chairs located under the trees and a menu full of options of dishes, snacks and drinks.

This restaurant also has a pool, shower and DJ on weekends.

Take this day to make a catamaran ride organized by the company Aventureiro Pipa. The boat will take you to Playa Amor, Chapadão Cliffs, Golfinhos Bay, Madeiro Beach and Cacimbinhas Beach.

Enjoy the sunset on the beach and at night stroll through the streets of Pipa, choose the restaurant that suits you best for dinner and try one of the delicious drinks.

- Day 4
As part of the 10-day itinerary in Pipa, on the fourth day we will dedicate it to the famous buggy ride that is considered the most traditional of the Litoral of Rio Grande do Norte and offers routes that go both to the North and to the South of Pipa. The council of Vive Pipa is for the one that will take you to the South Coast to Sagi, located in the division between Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba and lasts approximately 6 hours.

There are several options of rides available that vary between 3 to 7 hours. It is enough to choose what pleases you most.

In the rest of the day, rest on a beach or stroll through the city center and take the opportunity to dine at one of the several restaurant options available there.

- Day 5
Take advantage of the morning of the fifth day to enjoy the Playa Amor. If the tide is low, walk to the side of Chapadão where natural pools filled with fish are formed and it is considered the most deserted corner of the beach, it is an excellent option for walks. Click here to learn more about the Tide Table.

There are several options for beach huts where you can eat some snacks or lunch.

In the afternoon, the suggestion of rides is the "You Drive Adventure" quad bike to enjoy a bit of adrenaline through the cliffs of the region. With an incredible view, the itinerary takes you from Pipa to Sibaúma or Barra do Cunhaú.

At night, dine at one of the restaurants in the city and enjoy a little bar with live music to end your day.

- Day 6
Take advantage of this day to enjoy one of the beaches most loved by tourists, the Madeiro Beach. This beach has an extensive line of sand that is ideal for hiking, and has a good structure of barracas for you to peck some appetizer, take coconut water or some drinks.

If you want to learn how to surf, at Madeiro Beach you will find schools and places that rent equipment, and if you like to hike along trails and have an even more intimate contact with nature, take the opportunity to make the trails of the Ecological Sanctuary that is located above of this beach.

- Day 7
If the tide is low, take the opportunity to go to the Playa del Centro and walk to Bahía de los Golfinhos following the left of the beach. It is very important to know the schedule of the tide so that you can get there and return without great difficulties and with greater security, because at high tide, the sea water hits the stones making it difficult. To consult the Tide Table, click here.
This walk is very worthwhile, beyond that the Golfinhos Bay is considered the best beach for swimming and resting, and it is optimal to relax, practice Stand Up Paddle, Kayak and swim. Not to mention that the visit of the dolphins is guaranteed!
On the way back, choose a restaurant on the beach or in the Pipa Center for lunch.
At the end of the afternoon, enjoy the sunset at the Mirante Sunset Bar, located at the top of the hill in the middle of nature with an incredible view of Pipa and the sea. Take advantage of the night to walk through the streets of the town and choose a place to dine or have a drink.

- Day 8
Go to Sibaúma Beach, located in a quiet town with the same name. The beach has an optimal structure for tourists and its calm sea forms natural pools in the middle of that semi deserted beach, which makes it ideal for those who want to relax.
On the return to Pipa, on your right at the entrance you will find the Cajueiro Restaurant. It is not a place well known by tourists, but it is very worth it. In addition to the delicious dishes and with a fairly affordable price, the space is all covered with cajueiros which makes it an even more special place.
In the afternoon, take the opportunity to take a paragliding flight and get to know Pipa from the top, enjoying a paradisiacal view of the region.
During the night, dine at one of the various restaurants in Pipa.

- Day 9
Enjoy the day doing a bike ride through Pipa. You can rent one or participate in walks and hikes of the most diverse levels of difficulty with Trieb Club, so that you can venture out and practice exercise safely.
At the end of the afternoon, take the opportunity to enjoy the sunset at the Orishas Bar, which is located in a strategic point facing the sea and at night go for a walk in the center of Pipa, take the opportunity to dine and relax in a bar with music Live.

- Day 10
On the tenth day of your trip, Vive Pipa recommends that you spend the day enjoying the Day Use of Ponta do Pirambu that has the entire structure of the Resort so that you can rest in the sun loungers, in the Paraguayan hammocks on the edge of the beach or in your infinity pool. The view is paradisiacal and you can also taste the restaurant's award-winning gastronomy.
To end your day, attend the sunset at Laguna de Guaraíras, considered one of the most beautiful in Tibau do Sul and go out to dinner at Pipa.
So far you know all the beaches of this paradise called Pipa, so, if you were to be more than 10 days, we recommend you choose your favorite to rest, enjoy the beach, surf and do everything you want!

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