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Your space for health is in Fisio Pipa, where we offer physiotherapy, RPG, pilates, and lymphatic drainage.

. Physiotherapy: Analysis and evaluation of the movement and posture of the human body, from alterations developed in their organs and systems. We seek to enable or recover the health of people with dysfunctions of various origins.

. RPG: The Global Postural Reeducation is a set of techniques that provide the release of tensions, which can cause headaches, and the realignment of the joints, resulting in improvements in the patient's posture.

. Pilates: Provides an improvement in posture, muscle strength, flexibility, breathing, coordination and balance. Recommended when pain or alteration in body mechanics is caused by the inappropriate use of certain muscles.

. Lymphatic Drainage: It seeks to stimulate the lymphatic system to work more quickly, restoring the circulation of fluids in the body and causing them to be eliminated by the urine, reducing swelling and improving cellulite.



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