Operation Safe and Uncrowded Carnival 2021

Operation Safe and Uncrowded Carnival 2021

This year the block will enter the avenue to take care of people and preserve life.

According to researchers, the first carnival celebrations took place at the time of the arrival of the Portuguese, in the 16th century, since then they have never stopped being celebrated. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the postponement or cancellation of the party was discussed by the governments of the country's largest cities.

Recently, the Municipality of Tibau do Sul issued a new decree banning the “holding of public and private events such as concerts and artistic, corporate, technical, scientific, conventions or any other type of mass event”. The state government of Rio Grande do Norte published in the Official Gazette that it decided to suspend the optional point. The parties are also canceled and any clandestine celebrations will be monitored, the measure aims to prevent the spread of contagions by the new coronavirus during the extended holiday.

The forecast is for Pipa to have its occupation in the average that it has been reaching since its reopening. Many accommodations with the maximum capacity allowed, even with the cancellations of those who were prevented from traveling.

Since the beginning of the morning of this Friday, February 12th, the Tibau do Sul City Hall has started Operation Safe and Unclustered Carnival, with the objective of providing more security to tourists and safeguarding the health of residents, businessmen and workers, avoiding for COVID-19 to spread in our city.

During the entire carnival period, two preventive and informative blitzes will be set up: one in Piau and the other at the entrance to Pipa. For entry into our municipality, the protocols must be followed throughout the recommendations: It will be mandatory to wear a protective mask and everyone will have a mandatory stop at Blitz COVID, for temperature measurement and prior analysis of health conditions.

With the prohibitions on the use of sound equipment or the execution of musical instruments on public roads (Law n.214.019 / 2020 and Municipal Decree No. 003 of January 28, 2021), the traditional street party, on Ash Wednesday, which has always enlivened the carnival for those who stayed in the city and especially for those who live and worked hard during the holidays, will be under the surveillance of city hall agents.

It is very likely that groups of friends, family or even people alone will start a type of carnival demonstration and, of course, it will become a larger proportion. It is up to each of us to take responsibility for having fun, whether at home, at your accommodation or on the streets of Pipa, always avoiding crowds.



• Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water;
• Whenever possible, hand hygiene with gel alcohol;
• Always use the mask and only remove it for food consumption;
• Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose;
• Keep at least 1 meter away from other people;
• Avoid agglomerations;
• Do not share objects for personal use;
• Avoid consuming food before properly cleaning your hands;
• In case of symptoms, seek the nearest health facility.


Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos and Rua da Mata will be blocked from accessing cars throughout the carnival period.
If the hotel or inn does not have parking facilities, tourists should look for one of the private parking facilities available in the municipality.


Av. Baia dos Golfinhos - In front of Hotel Sun Bay
Av. Baia dos Golfinhos - In front of Pousada Enseada dos Golfinhos (Bus Parking)
Av. Baia dos Golfinhos - Next to Casa de Farinha bakery
Av. Baia dos Golfinhos - Next to Restaurante O Tal do Escondidinho
Av. Baia dos Golfinhos - Near the Pharmacy Vidal
Anel Viário - Near the final stop of vans, next to MAC Madeiras
Rua das Gameleiras - In front of Pizzaria do Ademilson
Access here to use the map and find the parking nearest you.



Art. 12 - The prohibition of public and private events such as concerts and artistic, corporate, technical, scientific, conventions or any other type of mass event, within the scope of the Municipality of Tibau do Sul, State of Rio Grande do Norte, until further deliberation based on guidelines issued by health authorities.

SOLE PARAGRAPH - The prohibition of events and activities in the presence of the public, even if previously authorized by the Public Power, the Municipal Secretariat for the Environment, Urbanism and Urban Mobility - SEMURBMO being responsible for forwarding to the event organizers perhaps already authorized by the Public Power the recommendation cancellation of the events, with the warning of the organizers' responsibility, in the event of non-compliance.

Art. 22 - Municipal Secretaries are authorized to download the acts necessary for the execution of this Decree. Art. 3.0 non-compliance with the provisions contained in the Municipal Decrees related to the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2) will give the infringer a daily fine of R $ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais) up to R $ 30,000.00 ( thirty thousand reais), being determined by the competent authorities, who will count on the support of municipal public servants in the identification of possible practices of administrative infractions foreseen in article 10 of Federal Law No. 6,437 / 1977 (Federal Law of Infractions to Sanitary Legislation), as well as as well as the crime provided for in article 168 of the Penal Code.

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