Kit Beachbelt - Beach with safe distance

Kit Beachbelt - Beach with safe distance

Get to know the kit developed by a group of Spanish architects to maintain the social distance of people on the beach.

With this pandemic we have a certainty: many creative solutions have been developed due to the new habits that we need to develop. One of them is the beachbealt kit developed by the JAJAxD architecture collective.

The kit constitutes a set of supports, which can be freely placed on the sand, and a tape that passes over them, which allows to delimit a space, individual or family (depends on the length of the chosen tape). The "fence" will facilitate the maintenance of the safety distance and can guarantee a summer without risk of coronavirus.

This distance can make going to the beach safer by avoiding unwanted contact while enjoying the sand. In order for the "fence" to be 100% efficient, it is important to maintain a distance of at least two meters from the "neighbors".

The Spanish are experiencing the relaxation of the isolation rules due to the decrease in the spread of the coronavirus. From then on, they developed this equipment to guarantee the safety and freedom to enjoy the beach. This may be our "new normal" and it is good that we get used to the new rules of coexistence.

Wearing masks, always washing your hands, and leaving the house only as necessary continue to be the best forms of prevention. But the possibility of going to the beach safely excites us!

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