Know the main benefits of coconut water

Know the main benefits of coconut water

Nothing better than a frozen coconut water, on a hot day, or not?

Even more if you can taste in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and the world. That Pipa Beach is one of the best travel destinations, you already know. That coconut water is a refreshing and tasty drink, too. But do you know what the benefits of coconut water are for health or what coconut water is for? Find out in this note.

It is not surprising that coconut water is one of the most popular drinks in the country and with it it is possible to make even countless recipes, from drinks to desserts. Because it is so popular, Brazil is the largest producer in the world, with the northeast region being the most prominent in production. Despite this, when it comes only to fruit, other countries lead production, including Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Sri Lanka, respectively. This because in addition to tasty and popular, it is known that coconut water does well.

In addition to tasting a wonderful coconut water on the shore of the beach or the pool it is important that you know what its main nutrients and benefits are, as well as issues such as the intake of the drink in pregnancy or by babies, among others. Therefore, continue reading.

Know what the main nutrients of coconut water are

It is known that coconut water is rich in essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the human body, if it is ingested with balance obviously. The liquid has in its nutritional composition a significant amount of mineral salts, such as potassium, phosphorus, chlorine and sodium.

The drink is also composed of vitamins A, complexes B and C, as well as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, that is, the combination of this composition produces several benefits for the body.

So, just knowing this composition, you can imagine that the health gains are many. But are you still not convinced that a simple water can do so much? Then check the description of the properties of coconut water:

Potassium: It is a fundamental mineral for the maintenance of cells, organs and tissues. It plays an essential role in the cardiovascular, muscular part and helps in the digestive process.

Phosphorus: This is the second most abundant mineral in our body, losing only with calcium. Together, they are very important for the formation of teeth and bones. Phosphorus also participates directly in carbohydrate metabolization and nervous system functions.

Chlorine: It constitutes gastric and pancreatic juices, acting together with enzymes in the digestion of food. In addition to that it also acts in the balance of blood pH, an essential factor for the good of all organs.

Sodium: It is a fundamental mineral in the maintenance of the vital functions of the organism. In addition to helping muscle contraction, it also helps regulate the volume of plasma in the blood and the conduction of nerve impulses.

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are the essential macronutrients for the maintenance of the body and are also present in coconut water. When consumed in balance, everyone should be part of a healthy diet. Vitamins are of paramount importance to the immune system and organs.

Learn about 10 benefits of coconut water

Now that you know the nutrients that make up this drink, know 10 of the main benefits of coconut water.

It keeps the body hydrated;
Help with weight loss;
It has anti-aging properties;
It helps reduce tiredness and stress;
Collaborate in the digestion process;
It helps keep pressure under control;
It improves the functioning of the brain and nervous system;
Accelerate the metabolism;
It helps to balance cholesterol.

These are some of the main ones. It is possible to find many more. So, what are you waiting for to start including this drink in your diet and on your visits to the beach?

Hydrate with coconut water

Coconut water is not just flavor, it also plays an important hydration function. Keeping the body hydrated is essential at any time of the year. In the meantime, many people have difficulty in drinking a recommended amount of water per day, but who can resist coconut water?

Maintaining hydration with coconut water is much easier, since the drink is extremely tasty and easy to find anywhere in Brazil. In addition, this is an excellent alternative to escape from refrigerated and industrialized soft drinks, without losing taste.

Therefore, it is a good alternative for rapid hydration, much more sought after by athletes. The explanation is that coconut water replenishes lost mineral salts with perspiration, in addition to avoiding the dreaded cramps and improving

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