Pipa Surf Skate Festiva

Pipa Surf Skate Festiva

The first edition of Pipa Surf Skate Festival was awesome!

During the 13th, 14th and 15th of September 2019, surfing, skateboarding and cultural interventions, such as capoeira, graffiti and break dance, happened at the same time in different places! The competitions were divided between surfing in the good waves of the Abacate peak, and skateboarding in the mini ramp (Pipa Skate Park) and street track, mounted on the sports court.

Potiguares athletes from neighboring states like CE, PB and PE gave a show of maneuvers. The surfers of the house said that knowing the peak is an advantage in the competition and had good results in all categories. The highlight was the local athlete Jurgen Marinho, who took first place in the under-14 and under-18. On skate street, the little 8-year-old Mayte surprised by her talent! For skateboard lovers, there is the legacy of obstacles mounted on the court, a leisure and sports incentive option that promotes social development for young people in the city.

Those who came to honor the event could feel the energy of Pipa, with its lush nature, culture and the unity of people to promote sports and local tourism. We support this idea and look forward to the next issue!

The Pipa Surf Skate Festival is a presentation of the Preserve Pipa Movement and the Tibau do Sul City Hall. And the teams of Pipa Skate Parque and Alternative Surfing.

Check out the photo gallery and the placement of the athletes in the first edition of Pipa Surf Skate Festival:

  1. SURF


    1 Bernardo Brizola
    2 Levi Silva
    3 Victor Santos
    4 Iago Beloti



    1  Jurguen Marinho
    2  João Fernando
    3 Iuri Barros
    4 Pablo Lira



    1 Adalto Sena
    2 Jurguen Marinho
    3 Samuel Joquinha
    4 André Guilherme



    1 Jurguen Marinho
    2 Ryan Alexandre
    3 Lucas Vicente
    4 Mateus Henrique



    1  Leonardo Silvestre
    2  Jonathan Santos
    3 Artur Chaves
    4 Léo Berbet


    Grand Master

    1 Paulo Germano
    2  Júnior Rocha
    3  Remela
    4  Giscard Barbosa



    1 Chicó de Baía Formosa
    2 Elias Lamas
    3 Chicó Moura
    4 Cardoso Júnior



    1 Tom da Pipa
    2 Júnior Rocha
    3 Genilson Marinho
    4 André Fagundes


    Grand- Kahuna

    1 Sabiá
    2 Anderson Ginane
    3 Cardoso Júnior
    4 Chicó Moura



    1 Felipe Maia
    2 André Fagundes
    3 Gustavo Sanches
    4 Eric Petri



    1 Gabriel Shalon
    2 Gilmark Marinho
    3 Danger
    4 Bruno Rogério



    1 Chapa
    2 Manoel Mori
    3 Iraí Simon
    4 Raul Tavares



    1 Alexandra Ramos
    2 Yorrana Borges
    3 Luana Pini
    4 Gabriela Cavalcante



    1 Yasmin 

    2 Mayte (8 anos)

    3 Mylly


    1 Gabriel Carlos

     2 Lucas Seleguine

    3 Eduardo Félix



    1 Robson 

    2 Lincoll Santos 

    3 Willians



    1 Anderson Teles

    2 Gabriel Estabeline 

    3 Yan Vinícius 


    1 Ricardo Tapioca 

    2 Paulo lima

    3 kelvin Silva 


    1 Ninho 

    2 Nilsinho

    3 Alex


    1 Ilzeli Confessor

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