GAAP - Pipa Animals Support Group

GAAP - Pipa Animals Support Group

Non-profit organization aims to encourage good treatment of animals in Praia da Pipa and neighboring districts.

A group of volunteers, uncomfortable with the growing number of abandoned animals and due to the lack of public policies that cover the basic needs of animals, joined forces to promote awareness and protection actions for the health of animals and humans that share this existence. , our streets and the community.

The Pipa Animals Support Group (GAAP), at the end of 2019, formalized itself as a Civil Association as a non-profit legal entity. The work carried out by this entity consists of rescuing animals, providing a temporary home, obtaining donations for treatments, offering veterinary medical assistance and food until the complete recovery of the homeless and abandoned animals or belonging to the low-income population. In addition, they promote educational campaigns aimed at stimulating love and respect for animals.

To finance the costs that guarantee the treatment and quality of life of animals rescued, treated, spayed and vaccinated, GAAP needs donations. They do not have a physical headquarters and depend on the community to provide temporary homes during the treatment of animals.

The entity is a private initiative and receives no incentive from the municipal, state or union government. It was created and is maintained by people who contribute with their work, donations and love for animals, so it is impossible for the group to accommodate all requests they receive.

GAAP is open to anyone interested in contributing to the benefit of Pipa's animals, whether as a volunteer in some action, with donations, assisting in the rescue or disclosure of animals being treated or donated. The group seeks to bring together people with different skills, there are many work fronts and many needs to be met, there will certainly be a way for you to participate!

If you love animals, you can also be an agent of the animal cause, fight for that cause! Join the group or make a donation so they can get on with the job more broadly.

To donate is very simple:

- If you are in Pipa you can deposit in the urn located in the Pipa Pet Shop, located in front of the Casa de Farinha bakery.

- Deposit or bank transfer: Bradesco | AG 5875-0 | ACCOUNT: 1000260-5 | CNPJ 36.157.603 / 0001-49

- PayPal or credit card:

On the Gaap website or Paypal link


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