Pipa Sunset Boat Standard

Come enjoy a wonderful sunset from the lagoon!



Days and hours

  • Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
  • 3:00 PM

Enjoy an unforgettable nautical trip in Tibau do Sul, carried out in the most modern and powerful boats, designed and equipped for your total safety and comfort.

Departing from Giz Beach, the boat takes a tour of the Guaraíras Lagoon and its tributaries, making stops for swimming and a clay bath.

Hours: 3:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.

Special tour only for closed groups.

Capacity / Size: Up to 10 (ten) people.


* Departures to be combined 24 hours in advance. Subject to availability, reserve with 50%.

** Depending on the weather, the itinerary may be changed or canceled.

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