Bicho do Mangue - Kayak

Bicho do Mangue - Kayak

Undoubtedly, this will be an unforgettable tour that you can not miss on your vacations

Bicho do Mangue is a totally ecological tour made in the lagoon of Guaraíras in Tibau do Sul, located approximately 80 km from Natal RN and 7 km from the center of Pipa beach.

This lagoon, which until 1924 was a freshwater lagoon, became an arm of the sea after a great flood that, the same year, destroyed the small fishing village that existed in its margins and linked it with the sea.

The tour is done in kayak through the cliffs that formed on its banks, with a stop for bathing and rest.

Shortly after we went to the second part of the route, between the mangroves that developed in the region with the invasion of seawater and the movement of the tides that were mixed with the fresh water of some small rivers that flow into the lagoon forming a flora and fauna set. Pretty diverse marine fauna.

We passed several trails among the mangroves, called by the local natives as levadas.

The Guaraíras lagoon is an area of ​​environmental preservation, due to the fragility and importance of its fauna and flora, and also to the people who sustain it.

The trip takes approximately two and a half hours and can be done in single or double kayak.

The whole tour is accompanied by two guides.

The departures are made during the high tide and we return when it begins to descend, taking advantage of the movement of the waters and facilitating the paddling.

Anyone from 6 years old can take the tour, even if they do not have experience in kayaking.

Not recommended for people who have a spinal problem.


Price: R $ 35.00 per person.


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