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  • 8:300 hs - 10:30 hs - 14:00 hs

In this activity we will live the experience of walking on the trees with a sea of ​​green at your feet and the view of the sea in the background is something indescribable. A special activity and very different from the frequent sun and sea of ​​the region. Lasting an hour and a half, it gives you the opportunity to walk through the Atlantic Forest, who knows, to see animals such as monkeys, iguanas and birds of different colors. Excellent to do with the whole family since children from 1.20 m are capable of doing. Not to mention the zip line at the end, 300m flight with a spectacular view!

The activity takes place in two schedules, in the morning at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., or in the afternoon at 2:00 p.m., you can request to be picked up from the hotel at no additional cost Sul or Sibaúma) or, if you prefer, you can drive to the base that is near Praia do Madeiro, about 2 km from the center of Vila de Pipa. Comfortable clothes, closed shoes and water are essential elements. The well-trained guides equip everyone with a seat, helmet and gloves, as well as providing the necessary safety instructions. The tour begins with a 980 m walk inside the Atlantic Forest, it is like entering another universe; the smells, the sensations and the landscape change completely. Arriving at the first station it is time to start the real adventure. There are 10 stations and each time it grows, it starts at 5 meters and ends at 25 meters in height. They are strategically placed eucalyptus logs and a different type of bridge between them. Ropes that move with the weight and movement of the body, a rope ladder, a steel cable to walk sideways while attached to another cable or a rope net where climbing is necessary. Anyway, quite a challenge! In the middle of the circuit, the sea appears majestic on the horizon and becomes more visible as we go up. Finally, the zip line!

The sensation of the wind on your face is fantastic in a beautiful look that mixes the shades of forest green, sea turquoise and sky blue. The view is worth it! A challenge and so much that it will mark the trip to Pipa as a special one for many, many years to come!



* Canopy and zip line tours
* 2 hours of tour
* Children from 1.20 m * The activity takes place in the Atlantic Forest at Pipa Aventura Park

Price: from R $ 120,00

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