Natal's Beaches

Natal's Beaches

Natal is a city close to Ecuador, with beautiful beaches, hot and sunny days almost all year round, and so it carries the nickname "City of the Sun".

With several beaches along the 100 kilometers of coast, you will now see everything you need to know about the beaches of Natal.

. Black Sand Beach

One of the main urban beaches of Natal, is located at the north end of the city. It has a new infrastructure with kiosks that serve typical foods, snacks, portions, drinks among other options and a wide sidewalk.
This beach is very frequented by surfers, swimmers and children who take advantage of the bay where natural pools are formed between the rocks during the low tide.

. Artists' Beach

Urban beach that takes its name due to the great nightlife and artistic demonstrations that take place there, besides the craft shops and art galleries near the beach.
Located just 5 minutes from the city center, it is known for its waves that attracts many surfers and its nightlife - it is also surrounded by bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
When visiting the Artists Beach, do not forget to go to Ladeira do Sol to enjoy the view.

. Barra de Maxaranguape Beach

On the north coast, 45 km from the center of Natal is Barra de Maxaranguape beach, a quiet and peaceful place where the sea meets the river Maxaranguape.
Frequent by fishermen, the strip of white sand with coconut groves framed the calm blue water of the sea, making this place ideal for resting and swimming.

. Búzios Beach

Located 20 km from the center of Natal in the city of Nisia Floresta, this beach attracts many tourists and people who come to know the natural beauty of the area.
It is a dangerous region for bathing and swimming, but is perfect for practicing many water sports. There are several kiosks along the coast.

. Cabo de São Roque Beach

Today it is considered the closest point of the African continent, there you will find the Lighthouse Cabo de São Roque, built in 1898 with 32 meters in height. It is a great place to fish and dive, but not for swimming due to strong gusts of winds and waves.

. Cotovelo Beach

Considered the first beach on the south coast of Natal, 21 km from the city center is great for bathing at low tide. It is considered one of the best beaches by tourists.

. Forte Beach

Its name comes from the famous Fort of the Kings which is located on its coast. This is an urban beach with warm water and natural pools during high tide.

. Genipabu Beach

Famous for the dunes and freshwater lagoon that makes up its incredible landscape, Genipabu has become one of the state postcards.
There are several walks to the place that is 25 km north of the center of Natal, and there you can do various activities such as buggy rides, jegue walk, camel, slide through the dunes, etc.
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. Jacumã Beach

Located along the north coast, 33 km from the center of Natal, this beach is surrounded by corals that are responsible for its calm water perfect for swimming and bathing. It is one of the stops of the buggy rides.

. Middle Beach

Located between Praia dos Artistas and Praia do Forte, it is great for practicing extreme water sports such as surfing.
Being cut by corals, during low tide are formed natural pools that are great for children. Already at high tide, it is very important to avoid entering the sea to swim.

. Pirangi Beach

Praia do Pirangi is 20 km south of the center of Natal, and is divided by the Pirangi River, which creates two beaches, Pirangi do Norte and Pirangi do Sul. It is famous because of its white sand but also because it is home of the largest cashew in the world.
With calm waters, it is ideal for the practice of water sports and its sands are the stage of several sports competitions.

. Pitangui Beach

It is one of the stops of several buggy tours, and on its shore there are several coconut palms and palm trees. Its incredible view is made up of dunes and a lagoon that as well as the sea of ​​calm waters, is great for swimming and bathing.

. Ponta Negra Beach

Known as the Copacabana of Natal, at its southern end is Morro do Careca, the most famous tourist spot in the capital. With a great infrastructure of kiosks and almost 4 km of waterfront, this is considered one of the favorite urban beaches of many tourists.

. Redinha Beach

Another urban beach located in the northern region of Natal. With a wonderful view of the Potengi River and the Atlantic Ocean, it is surrounded by bars and kiosks that offer a good variety of food and drinks.

. Tabatinga Beach

Surrounded by reefs, during low tides, you will find natural pools, and in the late afternoon, dolphins approach the coast to fish and interact with tourists. From the top of the Mirante dos Golfinhos, you will see a beautiful view of Búzios Beach.

. Via Costeira Beach

This is another urban beach, which is nothing more than the continuation of Ponta Negra Beach. It is a quiet beach and its visitors are mostly guests of the hotels that are close to it.
The sidewalk along the coast is great for walking and cycling and offers access, such as stairs, to get to the sand.

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