The largest cashew tree in the world

The largest cashew tree in the world

In a nearby town of Nata, Pirangi, is the cashew tree that has attracted several tourists to Christmas for decades, and in 1994 was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

At 8,500 square meters, this plant produces about 2 and a half tonnes of cashew, that is, around 80,000 cashews per crop, equivalent to the production of 70 trees. In 2010 was when the largest harvest occurred in the recent history of the tree - a ton.

According to the region's oldest inhabitants, the largest cashew tree in the world was planted by Sylvio Pedrosa, former mayor of Natal and owner of the land about 120 years ago. However, other versions say that the person responsible for planting this huge tree was a local fisherman.

According to scientific studies, its unusual growth occurs due to the junction of two genetic abnormalities. Instead of their branches growing up, like all cashew trees, they grow sideways and because of their weight, they touch the soil.

When these branches reach the ground, they begin to take root, as if they were the trunks of another tree and consequently create more trunks.

Its main trunk is divided by five branches, and four of them suffered this genetic alteration and created roots and new trunks that were forming this huge tree.

There are walkways throughout the area around the cashew tree, and if you visit between September and December, you can enjoy fresh fruit.

There is a gazebo nearby so you can see the tree completely and enjoy a panoramic view of the beach of Pirangi do Norte.

Address: Av. Dep. Márcio Marinho, 2 - Pirangi do Norte, Parnamirim.
Visiting hours: From Monday to Sunday from 07:30 to 17:30.

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