Live Dj Bhaskar at Chapadão – Follow the Sun

Live Dj Bhaskar at Chapadão – Follow the Sun

Dawn at Chapadão was the setting chosen by DJ Bhaskar in his third edition of the lives project “Follow the Sun” that begins at 11:59 pm and will continue until dawn.

Imagine the sunrise at Chapadão, that huge cliff with views of the beaches of Amor and Minas. Incredible viewpoint with contrasting colors between the ground, the sea and the sky. It is very beautiful, isn't it?

This was the scenario chosen by Dj Bhaskar in his third edition of the "Follow the Sun" project of lives that begins at 11:59 pm and runs until dawn. A super audiovisual production and a set of quality music in an unusual place in the middle of nature, with live broadcast through the DJ channel on YouTube.

Considered one of the best Brazilian DJs and with more than 15 years of career, Bhaskar accumulates successes from important international labels and carries in his DNA the gift of music. His parents are pioneering psy trance DJs in the country and creators of Universo Paralelo, an annual electronic music festival on the beach of Pratigi, in Bahia, and twin brother of Dj Alok, well known throughout the world.

The most unusual aspect of this project, in addition to the choice of the places where lives will be broadcast, is the structure in total synergy with nature, self-sustaining based on solar energy.


The entire structure of the photovoltaic system (solar energy) around the DJ booth captures the energy to generate the sound and transmit the live to the public, eliminating the use of diesel generators that are normally used. It is the first time that something like this has been done worldwide!

Bhaskar partnered with CGR Energía for the construction of this system and with the NGO "Fraternidad Sin Fronteras", which will collect donations that will go to socio-environmental projects to map communities and bring sustainable energy and potable water to the driest lands in Brazil.

Respect for nature and the synergy between music, time and space are the basis of this project of lives in stunning places. The objective is to transmit well-being, fun and a message of hope to people at home during this period of social distancing that we are experiencing.

Let's follow the sun! See you on live!


Follow the sun # 3

Where: Chapadão - Pipa Beach - Rio Grande do Norte

When: August 8

Hours: 11:59 p.m. until dawn

Transmission: Youtube Channel - BhaskarYoutube Channel - Bhaskar

Line-Up: Dj Bhaskar


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