World Environment Day - June 05

World Environment Day - June 05

The 1970s was marked as the beginning of effective discussions on environmental issues. June 5 was celebrated as World Environment Day during the United Nations Conference in Estocolmo, 1972.

Since it was first celebrated, World Environment Day has been aimed at raising awareness and promoting actions for urgent problems, such as marine pollution and global warming, sustainable consumption and crimes against wildlife.

Many consider that natural resources are inexhaustible and do not gain the importance they deserve, unfortunately the interests of the global economy are above environmental preservation. Man and nature are part of an interconnected system and to maintain our lives we need to take care of ecosystems and respect wildlife.

Today we are experiencing the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which has affected the well-being of people and economic development throughout the world. The disease did not arise by chance, it is the result of predatory action by the environment, which has intensified for years, such as deforestation and hunting that invade habitats and force contact with animals that can transmit infections.

Other environmental problems such as inadequate waste disposal, waste of water and the use of fossil fuels could be avoided if the governments and the population became aware and measured the real dimension of the impact generated by man.

Having a day to reflect and venerate the environment is very important. Not just to separate organic from recyclable waste, or to plant a tree. It is necessary to create daily life habits. If each one did his part and the whole of society demanded compliance with environmental laws, we could protect and improve the environment.

See how you can contribute to sustainable attitudes

- Save water and energy
- Separate recyclable waste (plastics, paper, glass, metal), reuse or recycle
- Don't waste food
- Have a compost bin to distill your organic waste
- Eat less animal protein
- Do not pour cooking oil into the pipes
- Use your own bag when shopping
- Avoid consuming habits, buying only what you need
- Responsibly dispose of your used electronics
- Whenever possible, leave your car at home
- Give preference to buying from companies with socio-environmental responsibility
- Do not buy wild animals without authorization


It seems difficult, but small attitudes will make a difference. Awareness about caring for the environment is a fundamental issue, since it affects everything around us. We are interconnected with the planet we live on. We wish to remain alive for many years, with nature increasingly sacred and protected, to nourish and preserve us.

Long live the environment!

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