Potiguares Mini Expression Dictionary

Potiguares Mini Expression Dictionary

For those who need help to communicate with people native and want to know the most common expressions used in Pipa

"Nordestines" is almost a language. The particular expressions from the northeast are quite different from those used in other regions of the country. There is people who come to Pipa on vacation and don't understand some details in a conversation with a native person, that's because of some  own expressions of the local dialect.

If you like to know deeply the culture of the place where you go to spend their holidays, and wants to know well all the expressions of the Northeast of Brazil, we made a small dictionary with typical expressions, so that don't miss any more parts of the conversations!


Aperrear: Verb that means to disturb, stress. It can also be used as an adjective for someone who is stressed. That person is too drunk!

Arroxar: Verb that means to press

Arrudiar: Expression that means, to turn around.

Avexado: Adjective that means hurried, in a hurry. It can be used as a verb to ask someone for speed.

Boy (boe): Common noun to designate any person, it can be of both genders, but it is more used for men

Boyzinha: Common noun to designate a woman.

Cagado: Adjective used to talk about someone who is lucky.

Caningar: Verb that means to chat, to make someone angry. It can be used as an adjective. That person is very caningado.

Fuderoso: Adjective that expresses someone or something as maximum.

Galado: Adjective for a person who is not useful. It can be used in expressions between friends.

Massa: Very common expression, it means that something or someone is interesting

Mermão: "My brother" is used to greet friends

Pegar o Beco: Expression used to show that you want to leave somewhere.

Pirangueiro: Adjective to designate someone who always generates or seeks problems

Presepada: Noun that reports a situation out of the ordinary.

Resenha: Noun that describes the gossip and the news

Rolé: Noun that means to take a walk, to go for a walk.

Ruma: It means a large amount of something. A ruma of people!

Tá com a mulesta: Expression of someone who is out of control.

Tem mais ta faltando: Common expression to say that something ended. It means that there was something but that it ended or ended.

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