VivePipa Solidarity

VivePipa Solidarity

Our App adapted to the times of the Coronavirus with information about the Covid-19 (symptoms and care), telephone contact supplies, pharmacies and deliverys

We are living in a time when we are not sure about many things, we do not know when everything will return to normal and what will change forever. Our only way out is to learn to live with temporary social distancing, create more rigorous hygiene habits and continue with life despite all this.

At VivePipa we have the mission of promoting the destination, valuing the local culture and the community, but in these difficult times, promoting the destination does not make sense if we do not take care of the people who make it so special. Thinking about it, in the community, in small businesses and in you, we adapt the VivePipa App with information about the Covid-19 (symptoms and care), we facilitate the dissemination of donation collection places for those most in need, telephone contact supplies, pharmacies and deliverys with buttons on the home screen for easy access.

We register for free on our platform all the businesses, services and establishments that are working and making deliveries and we disclose them, at no cost, through our social networks.

In addition, we continue to invest in technology to improve our application: in association with AMBEV, Stella Artois and Budweiser, we create promotional coupons to stimulate the sale of delivery; We facilitate contact between establishments and customers, so that merchants can take advantage of the visibility we gain when we advertise Pipa to the world, through our multimedia platforms.

We are working daily to keep our project going and we try to help the community stay on its feet as well so that together we can resume normal activities with full steam pipe as soon as possible.

We hope that life does not return to normal, it will return better. That we can value simple things, be more supportive people and that we can see in others an opportunity to be better, for all of us. Will we do this together?


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