Check out all the tips to take the best photos on the beaches in Pipa.

Check out all the tips to take the best photos on the beaches in Pipa.

Make amazing clicks on the beach! Have your trip recorded in the best way.

Undoubtedly the best way to have memories recorded of important moments is through a photo, being it printed after being taken or just digital to be stored on the cell phone.

The photos always bring good memories, don't they ?!

But not only for good memories we like to click, we love to post photos on social networks like Instagram and Facebook, but the goal is always to value the environment we are in.

It is useless to be facing exuberant scenarios as found in Praia da Pipa if you have no experience with photos.

Remember that it is always good to learn some tips for making good clicks.

And if you think you need to be a professional photographer to take incredible photos, make no mistake, I will bring you several tips in this content that will provide you with true photographic knowledge when it comes to photos in paradisiacal landscapes.


What makes a good photo?

The images can talk a lot about you. What makes a good photo is always the lighting, position and angle taken, among other visual information.

The look can be the most beautiful, the scenery one of the most wonderful, but if the photo is taken at the wrong angle, for example, you will not be valuing the environment at all.

It is possible to learn how to post with more style, and enjoy each scenario found in Praia da Pipa (and there are many scenarios of a true paradise).

The beaches are usually stunning by themselves, imagine those Instagram photos full of likes, comments that were so well taken. How about such a photo on your social network?


Check out all the tips to take the best photos on the beaches in Pipa:

Organizes camera settings

Making the right camera settings is ideal for taking great photos on the beach. Regardless of whether your camera is semi-professional, professional or even the phone's camera, changing the configuration is essential.

The settings can determine the success or failure of a click. You will not want to miss all the scenarios of the beaches of Pipa because you forgot to configure your camera right ?!

If your phone's camera, for example, does not have many settings options, a good option is to download a photo application that gives you the option of setting the camera's ISO, shutter speed, whether you want to take a photo in manual or automatic mode.

You will configure the camera as needed, depending on the amount of light in the place, the distance of the photo and other factors.


Be sure to pay attention to the right points

For many people, the beaches have only one scenario, but that's not how it works. Your trip to Pipa cannot be missed due to lack of attention.

Observe the focal points of the environment, those that are well marked yield good photos. Before taking photos, select the best spots on the beach, so your photos will have a greater variety of frames in one place.

Photo on the beach doesn't have to be all the same!


Beware of Flash

The beach is open, has no walls, no roofs, so the need for flash is almost non-existent.

Depending on the time of day, the brightness will be more visible, so if you add the flash to a photo it may be very clear, the environment will disappear and the famous photo will be “burst” due to the amount of light in it.

So be careful with the use of the flash, very clear photos and apparent shadows on clicks.


Using some filters can add value to photos

In general, avoiding the vast majority of filters would be ideal, the beaches in Pipa are real havens, why change a click due to a filter?

There is no need, but some types of filters can add value to clicks, such as:

Polarization filter, the purpose of this filter is to reduce reflections that may have in the photo, and can make the sky a little darker and the focus of the photo (in this case, you), being the protagonist of the click.
ND filter that decreases light intensity in photos.
The famous and most used UV filter that aims to block the short-wave light that can appear in photos, due to the sun.


Take pictures of the scenarios before you compose them

This is a good tactic to see how the result of your photos will look, make clicks and see how the scene will look, if the angle is "OK", amount of light among other points.

When everything is ready and perfect, just start composing your photo.


Enjoy the first light of day

It is common for people to go to the beach early, and do not have this goal just to rest and enjoy, but also to take incredible photos.

Take advantage of the daylight and try to take pictures in the first period of the day, in this case, between 08:00 and 12:00. It's the best time to click on the beach.

With so many tips, we are sure that your trip to the beach will be recorded in a much more professional way, with more quality and results that can draw everyone's attention.


But after all, why not make good use of the scenarios of Pipa's beaches?

Each kite beach reserves a unique setting, Baía dos Golfinhos, Praia do Madeiro, the famous and most beloved Praia do Amor. Each one has its special feature, so be sure to take advantage of the scenarios of each beach to have a series of incredible photos of your trip.

The most special tip we have to leave for you when booking your trip is to explore the entire environment of the beach, not only the sea, the tip of the sand, but observe everything around, take a walk and create scenarios for your clicks.

Become a professional photographer for a day and have your trip recorded in the best way!

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