Lobster - Consume with Consciousness

Lobster - Consume with Consciousness

Who does not like to taste a good fish dish? Or rather a delicious lobster?

There is a great demand for these animals so appreciated by us and, due to this fact, these species are fished and marketed in Brazil and in the world. Along the Brazilian coast that stretches from Espirito Santo to Amapá, we have two species of lobsters caught in various forms (fishery, fishing with coves, compressors, rafts, chicks, etc.). These species belong to the same group of Crabs, Siris and Cameroon; the crustaceans. The lobster-red (Panulirus argus) of waters a little deeper and the lobster-green or green cape (P. laevicauda) of shallower places are the inhabitants of our coast. As we are in the middle of this area of ​​occurrence, a tourist destination like Tibau do Sul is a big fish consumer due to the local demand. Although Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte are large marketers of lobsters, stocks of lobster have declined sharply in recent years.

There is concern about the unregulated consumption of these two species on our coast and for that reason rules for fishing, consumption and commercialization have been established. The offender can pay a fine and still be detained by the Environmental Police (Law nº 11.959 / 2009, Normative Instructions No. 138/2006 and 206/2008 - IBAMA). There are two basic requirements. One is compliance with NO fishing in the closed period (DECEMBER to MAY), and the other is the minimum tail size allowed for consumption (Lobster-Red - 13cm, Lobster-Green - 11cm). In view of this we can question why these rules exist and how, we consumers or marketers, can we do to collaborate?

The Defeso period is important for the preservation of these animals in the breeding season when they clump together for copulation and can be easily caught. The other point is the minimum size allowed for fishing to ensure that they have reproduced at least once in your life. There is also a ban on fishing techniques using compressors or jeeps.

So let's unite to keep this delicacy in our seas, because the responsibility belongs to all of us: Do not consume fresh Lobsters in the Defense period; Do not buy lobsters smaller than the size allowed throughout the year; Know the provenance of the fish you are buying; Be informed; Preserve; Be aware; Call it!

By Daniel Henrique Gil.

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