Run and Beach Run

Run and Beach Run

Have you noticed that the race is up? Wherever we go, we always see a lonely runner trying to go beyond his limits.

Running is a sport where practitioners are eyeing two factors: time and speed. But when it comes to health, running is one of the most recommended exercises, after all it helps prevent heart disease, helps fight osteoporosis and causes muscular endurance. On the psychological side, the benefits are also many.
Practitioners of the sport ensure that after the race they feel good-humored, less anxious and less stressed, the fault of endorphin, the hormone of well-being.Then imagine who has the opportunity to run the seaside, in a breathtaking visual ?!
The beach run, a form of racing practiced in the sand, is ideal for the scenarios of Pipa Beach. It is interesting because in addition to having the sea as a companion for those who train, changing the stimulus can improve performance. Furthermore, running in the sand increases physical fitness, since it works much more on the muscles in terms of balance and proprioception (which is an involuntary mechanism of adaptation to situations of muscular stress). However, although very attractive, running on the beach requires some special care because of uneven soil, increased muscle requirement and even sun exposure.

Stay tuned for tips and bora to run ?!

- Stretch: in the sand the requirement of the musculature is greater than in the asphalt, the ideal is to stretch before and after the training.

- Escape the slopes: they can cause injuries to the knees. Look for stretches of flat to run.

- The ideal is to use sneakers: it may seem strange or uncomfortable, but if you prefer to run in the sand - close to the sea - the ideal is the use of sneakers due to impact with the ground. But if your preference is for the soft sand, running barefoot is released, as the sand will dampen your footsteps.

- Use sunscreen: because at the beach we have the incidence of the sun's rays in the sand which gives us greater exposure to the sun. Therefore, sunscreen, cap and glasses are indispensable items.

- Hydrate yourself: Despite the sea breeze, you will not have shadows and staying hydrated is very important.

By Nathalia Leme.Texto original published in the Bora Magazine - issue 16 - May / Jun 2016

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