Childhood is an extraordinary phase. A magical period of life, full of adventures, fantasies and fun. Right? It depends on the viewpoint.

In the enchanted world of children everything is new. There are many stimuli, information and discoveries that will help in the affective, social, cognitive and physical development of the girl child. And it's just amazing how fast this happens. When we talk about development, we need to consider two very important aspects: the biological and the environmental. The two need to walk together in this process and, therefore, it is necessary to understand the phase in which the child is to know how to stimulate it in the best way. The good news is that joking is all possible. It is half way to the parents of Pipa, who have an extremely rich environment in various aspects, for the development of your child.

Now stop for a moment and try to put yourself in a child's shoes. Imagine yourself in a whole new place, where you do not understand well what people are talking about and how they act, what objects are for, all these animals, these colors, these symbols ... Phew! Lots of information right ?! Oh, not to mention the feelings that come up and do not know how to deal with it. But there you find a person who shows you all these new things, teaches you about them and you can feel a little more secure. And then, you surrender and trust this person. What a relief! It creates a relationship of dependence that will last for many, many years. At this point, the bond created in this relationship establishes the quality of the relationship and consequently the quality of maturity. Here comes another question: what does it mean to mature?

Child is life, energy, movement, transformation, growth. And, as it grows, it also learns, changes, acquires autonomy and responsibilities until one day, it ceases to be a child. A completely natural and inevitable process. We have become adults. Full of commitments, worries, chores ... Suddenly, we felt an immense longing for childhood. I miss the child that we were and that was lost in the memory. We learned so many things, we went through so many experiences and yet we felt like returning to that time. Backsliding, nostalgia, Peter Pan syndrome? Can be. In fact, what happens is that when we grow up, we leave the best of the child that we were lost in time and we are trying to rescue this child in the memories of childhood. How good it is to remember the jokes, the arts and that lap then ... how good it was!

Well, to be a child, no one can. However, being aware that this child still exists and is hidden there within you, can help a lot. She stays there forgotten, but rejoices the moment she is asked to meet. And how well this rescue works. This reunion can be enriching. Looking at this child with affection, attention, respect and love is inclusive healer. Pay attention to it, welcome and protect it. Recognize your fears, ease your pain, and then prepare to receive in return the truest and wisest essence of your being: love. Throughout life, we learn a lot and unlearn as well. There comes a time when the child has much to teach the adult. Watch a child, interact with it, and allow your child to wake up and walk hand in hand with you. Let lightness and spontaneity take over. Believe, dance, shout, play, fill with joy, hope, flood with LIFE! It's your turn to take care of YOUR child. Have fun!

By Rafael Proence. Text originally published in the Bora Magazine - issue 14 - Nov / Dec 2015

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