Hummingbird - The most seen bird in Pipa

Hummingbird - The most seen bird in Pipa

There is no way to not be delighted with the appearances of the "Beija Flor" so-called in Brazil, in English "Hummingbird". Fast, it arrives as if it were lightning. Moving its wings 50 to 80 times per second, it appears and disappears in

It can be observed only in South, North and Central America. Of the nearly 320 existing species, the majority is concentrated in South America and almost half is found in Brazil.

The hummingbird attracts attention starting with its small size. In the Guinness Book of Records, it is cited as the smallest Brazilian bird. Your heart is responsible for about 15% of the total volume of the body, this proportion is the highest among all animals and reaches 1800 beats per second. To sleep, he perches on a branch and enters a state of torpor, reducing his heart palpitations only to 30 times per minute.

Its unique "loose" articulation allows you to deflect the flight at any angle; Fly from head to bottom and back down. The most marked characteristic of hummingbirds is that they can fly at a fixed point, stopping in the air by turning their wings in the form of eight (the symbol of infinity).
The hummingbirds do not manage to walk or jump, being that their legs have like unique objective to take hold to the nest, walls or cliffs. It is a solitary species of virgin and secondary forest.

The bridal dance is rich in movements and sounds. Their eggs are not much larger than a pea, their nest fits in a tea spoon.

The hummingbirds are attracted by campanuladas flowers and of yellow and red coloration like "hibiscus", "jump of princess", "camarão vermelho", among others. By absorbing the nectar, they promote pollination - they move the pollen from the male organ of the flower to the female organ of the flower, fertilizing it. Five seconds are enough. The tongue, hollow in the center, works like a straw and gives speed to the aspiration. Along with the nectar, they eat insects. In other opportunities, they hunt that food rich in proteins.

If you like to leave containers with sugared water to attract hummingbirds, it is essential to wash them with chlorine at least once a week to eliminate fungi and bacteria that accumulate. If you did not do that, bacteria pass for the little bird's tongue and it ends up bloating, killing the smothered hummingbird.

The hummingbird has symbolic value in several cultures. The Aztecs believed these were the reincarnation of the greatest warriors, that was like a spirit, a being that passed between this matter and the spiritual universe. Perhaps for being so free and beautiful creatures and for the magical way to fly up, down, for the sides and the impressive: they get to stand in the air.

According to shamanism, the hummingbird teaches us the softness of living, it is a symbol of joy, healing and luck. They say that the hummingbird is a clarity, to have it near is an act of grace, a spiritual protection. He also preaches the love for freedom, dying quickly if kept in captivity, because they need to be free to fulfill their mission.

By Silvia Alberti Text originally published in the Bora Magazine - edition 06 - Jun / Jul 2014

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