5Rs - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Refuse and Rethink

5Rs - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Refuse and Rethink

At first there were only 3 R's, shortly afterwards we had to add some more to direct our thoughts about the Environment in which we live, consume and generate our waste.

Nowadays we talk a lot about environmental preservation and sustainability due to the impact that we humans cause to the environment in which we live and that gives all the support for our lives. With these issues related to preservation came the so-called R's as guidelines for achieving Environmental Sustainability. These 5 R's are only the initials of some words that determine actions to mitigate our impacts:


It is transforming materials already used in raw materials for others or the same product. We can make the separation of our waste for recycling encouraging this action. The beer or soda can is a classic example.


It is a way to avoid going to waste what can be reused in the same or for other functions. By reusing materials that would be discarded for the landfill, you will be increasing the life of this material and also the place where it would be discarded. For example, a pot olives that turns a container into your kitchen.


It is to avoid waste and to consume less products that attack the environment. Consuming less is great for nature! Do not spend as much money on clothes and electronics as you will use. Think twice before buying something: is it really necessary?


It is to deny the possibility of superfluous consumption and products that generate significant environmental impacts and that pollute our atmosphere, tides and waters. Avoid the excess of plastic bags and packaging. Always have a cloth bag to carry your shopping.


Regarding the need to consume and the patterns of production and disposal adopted in our lives. We must ask ourselves: How is this produced? Why should I consume something unnecessary? Where does my waste go when you leave my gate? Does it stop being a problem? These and other questions can lead us to actions that improve the quality of life for all. We must rethink how our beaches, rivers, forests and groundwater will be. Our lives depend on the balance of our Environment and for that, we could follow some R's in our daily lives

By Daniel Henrique Gil.
Text originally published in the Bora Magazine - issue 04 - Feb / Mar 2014


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