Accommodation in Pipa

Accommodation in Pipa

Learn more about accommodations in Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte and know how to choose the ideal place to stay during your trip.

Pipa became one of the most sought after and desired destinations not only in the northeast, but also in Brazil. People from various parts of the world and different ages and styles seek fun, relaxation, extreme sports, contact with nature, family vacations and everything that this village offers. Click here to know more about Pipa Beach.

And it is because of that great variety of public in Pipa that there are accommodations of various styles. Hotels boutiques, hotels, inns, hostels, apartments, campings, etc. There are cheap lodgings ideal for backpackers to the most luxurious that offer all the comfort, sophistication and exclusivity.

For those who want to enjoy the nightlife and daytime of Pipa

For tourists who come to Pipa and want to enjoy both nightlife and daytime, it is best to stay on Avenida Bahía de los Golfinhos which is the main street of the city. There you will be close to the beaches and the nightlife of the city.

For those looking for quieter places

As we have said before, whether choosing a lodging in the bustling center of Pipa, you will find a quiet and quiet place, perfect for resting, however, there are also options a little further from the center.

There are options in Amor Beach, Giz Beach, near Madeiro Beach, etc. If you would like to know a little more about each beach to choose your ideal accommodation, click here.


For travelers with a more adventurous spirit, there are also camping options on Pipa Beach, both closer to the beach and in the middle of the local Atlantic jungle.

Tips when choosing your lodging in Pipa

When you go to choose your lodging in Pipa it is important to pay attention to the location to know which place offers the best opportunities for what you look for during your stay as well as for your pocket, that is why it is also important to keep in mind that to arrive some places may have rises and streets of stone or earth.

In the high season Pipa Beach becomes a rather hectic place because the thousands of tourists of the whole world choose this destination, that is why the ideal is to make your reservation with the maximum anticipation possible to be able to find the perfect place for your trip.

To see all the accommodation options available in Pipa, click here.

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