OTA Preserve Pipa: Everything you need to know about the initiative!

OTA Preserve Pipa: Everything you need to know about the initiative!

The Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa, together with the Pipa Convention and Visitors Bureau, started the OTA Preserve Pipa.

The Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa, together with the Pipa Convention and Visitors Bureau, started the OTA Preserve Pipa. Project that enables the online planning of trips to the region, through the platform, which is the pioneer in our country.


Pipa is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Full of different species of animals and plants, the place is responsible for attracting countless tourists, which contributes to the sustainability and economy of the region. Aiming for even more improvements, OTA Preserve Pipa promises to unite influential bodies to conserve the environment.


This novelty guarantees several benefits, both to the public and to the preservation of nature, as it aims at local sustainability.


Were you curious? Then continue reading this article! Check out the topics to be covered below:


  • What is an OTA?
  • How it works and how they profit;
  • How does OTA work in Pipa?
  • How the platform works;
  • Importance of the project;
  • Sustainable Tourism Incentive Fee;
  • Advantages OTA Pipa;
  • Preserve Pipa Initiative.

What is an OTA?

The first step to talk about OTA's relationship with the Preserve Pipa project is to understand, in fact, the meaning of such acronym. OTA, which refers to Online Travel Agency (Online Travel Agency), was created to make life easier for tourists.


This is because it acts as an intermediary between the final consumer, airlines and hotels. This tool allows the user to find promotional packages and different places to stay, according to their taste.


Furthermore, with this technology, it is possible to book cars, cruises, packages and other activities. When organizing a trip using the OTA, the customer guarantees several advantages, for example, comparing prices between platforms and finalizing the purchase in the comfort of his/her home.


With the use of this technology, Pipa even offers accommodation up to 10% cheaper, promising to attract more and more tourists to the region. The benefits are numerous, ensuring that businessmen and tourists are covered.

How it works and how it works

Acting at the junction of everything necessary for a trip, offering accommodation, tickets, car rental and various other services, OTAs receive commissions for each sale made.


With so many benefits, OTA Preserve Pipa has around 46 companies ready to migrate to the platform, with 90% of the accommodation having great reviews among tourists!

How does OTA work in Pipa?

OTAs ensure that promotions are disseminated and shared quickly throughout the internet, allowing a greater number of people to have access. In Pipa, OTA is already receiving reservations and enabling companies from all over the region.


Visitors will be able to find a wide variety of hotels, inns, restaurants and other establishments, allowing them to decide where to walk in Pipa with the certainty that they will be in a pleasant environment, suited to their taste.


With that, we can say that the privileges will reach everyone in the region, from local businessmen, who will be carrying out sustainability practices, to visitors, who will find more concepts and motivations to visit Pipa on other occasions.


“The main reason for transforming the Movimento into an Online Travel Agency is that the tool generates a positive impact for everyone involved and can be another sales channel for our destination”, expressed the co-founder of Movimento Preserve Pipa, Wanderson Borges.

How the platform works

The platform is easy and ensures practicality so that users can navigate without difficulties. When accessing the Preserve Pipa website, the tourist must provide the following information at the top:


  • Hotel you want to stay or destination;
  • Check-in and check-out (day of arrival and day of departure);
  • Number of guests;
  • Discount code (if you have one).


Then just click on “Search” and wait for the results. Finally, just select the payment method, complete your purchase and wait for the travel date.


Still on the first page, scrolling down a bit, visitors will be able to understand more deeply about the project with a brief reading about Preserve Pipa, check out the different experiences, access the blog and even view a brief experience of how it is to visit the beach, watching to a video!


One of the advantages found on the site is that, by registering, the user will receive the best hosting offers in their e-mail, in a totally exclusive way! Furthermore, for those looking for an opportunity to work in the region, it is possible to apply for jobs in establishments associated with the project!

Importance of the initiative of the Preserve Pipa movement

Initially, the objective was to preserve the Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa, which contains more than 90 hectares of green area. Shortly thereafter, Preserve Pipa started to work on publicizing the destination, through social actions, environmental sustainability and investments that are linked to the infrastructure of Tibau do Sul, Sibauma and Praia da Pipa.


For this, all participants focus on demonstrating concern for sustainability and nature, in addition to ensuring good accommodation and excellent service. The determination was made by the Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa (ASHTEP) and the Pipa Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Wanderson Borges also claims that OTA Preserve Pipa is the first tourism platform in Brazil, with only national destinations, which makes it an item with great impacts.


“Our competitors (Booking, Decolar.com, Hoteis.com) are not destination hotels, because they sell hotels from all over the world. In addition, Booking has Dutch capital, Hoteis has American capital and Decolar has Argentine capital. They take their own dividends back to their countries of origin. Our online agency is exclusively for Pipa. At first, we already charge a lower price than the others, which makes the values more viable for the tourist.” expressed the co-founder of OTA Preserve Pipa .

Sustainable Tourism Incentive Fee

Still on the importance of the project, the Sustainable Tourism Incentive Rate could not be left unmentioned. This item is one of the most important for the project, since the main source of income comes from this fee.


The value is not exorbitant, being totally optional and symbolic, which may not even appear, but is of great importance for the movement to continue in line.


Only four reais per night are charged for each hotel room, regardless of the number of occupants. The entire amount raised is allocated to the four fronts of action, which are: FUNTUR R$1.25, ASHTEP R$1.25, Tax and financial costs R$0.75 and Preservation R$0.75.


Check below some of the items that are covered by the fee:


  • “Summer Clean Beaches” Project;
  • Purchase of thirty-two rubbish bins for the Main Avenue of Praia da Pipa;
  • Course "Sebrae Bio Prevention of the coronavirus", for the population;
  • Sponsorship of Fest Bossa & Jazz;
  • Seminars on environmental awareness;
  • Donation of a drinking fountain, UV shirts, vests and garbage bags to the “Tribo Ambiental” group;
  • Purchase and donation of five 1,000-liter containers for waste disposal;
  • Transfer of part of the collection to the Tamar Project, Ecological Sanctuary and AMAPIPPA;
  • Maintenance of Dumpsters on Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos;
  • Investment in the DEL Turismo program - Local Tourism Development Program;
  • Support for local events and teams;
  • Reinforced security support for the new year.

Advantages OTA Pipa

In addition to contributing to the sustainability of the region, tourists who visit Pipa through the OTA Preserve Pipa will have more affordable prices, good recommendations for places and various attractions.


The main advantage is to face less bureaucracy to guarantee your accommodation, since all you have to do is access the website and check the availability of hotels and tickets available for the date of the trip.


OTA Preserve Pipa also informs users about the main news and novelties, through the blog, found on the platform, so users will always be tuned in and updated about everything that is happening in Pipa!


And for those who undertake in Pipa, it is possible to join the project and guarantee many benefits. This is because the Convention Bureau works by bringing together various associations, aiming at improving the project. Among the benefits, we can mention:


  • Stay informed about trends in tourism locally, regionally and internationally;
  • Disclosure on social networks;
  • Collective purchases, with the other associates;
  • Possibility of participation in the network of local entrepreneurs;
  • Participation in events held by the Convention Bureau.

Preserve Pipa Initiative

Participants from the Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa, and from the Pipa Convention and Visitors Bureau, gave initiative to the project, aiming to guarantee a balance between commerce and nature, ensuring that both residents and tourists were satisfied with the region and enjoy the best experiences that this beautiful beach has to offer.


Its mission is to keep the plans of businessmen, the community and the city hall in line with regard to environmental conservation and reaching out to tourists. The Project offers several services in addition to the most common ones, mentioned throughout the article, for example:


  • Visit to the beauty salon;
  • Visit to the wine house;
  • Visit to the real estate;
  • Accounting solution;
  • Disclosure of events;
  • Advertising of job openings.


This ensures that tourists have all their needs met, from fun to the most diverse situations! I hope that the content covered in this article has been of great use so that you can understand everything about OTA Preserve Pipa !

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