September 17 is World Cleanup Day. Let's take care of the environment!

September 17 is World Cleanup Day. Let's take care of the environment!

In an alliance between Preserve Pipa, Acquapipa, Vive Pipa, Projeto Tamar and several establishments in the region, a cleanup action will be carried out on the local beaches to conserve its greatest asset: ecology, marine life and the oceans.

Cleaning effort takes place on September 17 on the beaches of Pipa. Check out!


September 17th is World Cleanup Day. On this date, in various places around the world, an initiative for the environment and nature preservation takes place.

People from different parts of the planet come together to clean the beaches, their slopes and related areas. In Pipa, one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil, located in Tibau do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte, it could not be different.

In partnership between Vive Pipa, Preserve Pipa, Projeto Tamar and several establishments in the region, a cleaning action will be carried out on the local beaches in order to conserve their greatest asset: marine life and water quality.

The task force will take place at 11 am on the beaches of Amor and Centro. Don't miss this opportunity and come be part of one of the biggest environmental actions in the world!

Curious? So stay in this article until the end and learn more about the beach cleanup project, World Cleanup Day and much more. Keep reading and check it out next!

World cleaning day

World Cleanup Day takes place on September 17th. The idea that started in Estonia in 2008, today has more than 191 countries participating in the beach cleaning initiative. On this date, the concern is to combat pollution caused by humans in waters, slopes and the like.

This movement is very important to maintain water quality and preserve local animal life. In regions such as the beaches of Pipa, this need is even more evident, since tourist destinations tend to have a greater problem with the incorrect disposal of garbage.

In Pipa, a region with a vast presence of nature, both in animal life and in green areas, awareness of environmental impacts is of paramount importance.

Therefore, local establishments, social and environmental projects come together to ensure the health and well-being of the region. Anyone who wants can participate and help preserve the local heritage.

What is the impact of World Cleanup Day?

World Clean Up Day serves, above all, as a way to unite people for environmental health. In addition, it also helps to raise awareness of the importance of doing this maintenance daily individually.

On the beaches we find the most varied garbage discarded in the wrong way, in addition to polluting the landscape, when the tide rises, this waste ends up in the ocean. From there, they end up directly harming animal life.

Among the main garbage collected on the beaches, we can highlight:

  • Cigarette butts;
  • Beer and soft drinks cans;
  • Glass bottles;
  • Styrofoam pieces ; 
  • bags and straws;
  • Too much waste discarded in the region.

Bags and straws are great enemies of marine animals and take more than 450 years to start the decomposition process.

In Pipa, we can count on the natural presence of dolphins and sea turtles, which makes the presence of these types of materials even more worrying.

Discover some of the local initiatives

In the Pipa region, given its vast presence of animals, fauna and flora, there are environmental projects that are already concerned with the preservation of the environment.

Among them, Preserve Pipa and Projeto Tamar are very important, in addition to being part of the task force to clean the beaches, they are a reference in preservation in the region. Find out a little more about each of them below!

Tamar project

Projeto Tamar is the best-known project in Brazil regarding the preservation and protection of sea turtles. This project is a non-profit, private entity and co-executor of the ICMBio/MMA - PAN National Action Plan for the Conservation of Sea Turtles in Brazil.

It is located in 23 regions that are distributed throughout Brazil, including Pipa beach, being the project headquarters in Mata de São João - Bahia and was founded in 1980. This project works by conducting research and seeking to preserve all the five species of sea turtles that exist in our country, and in the whole world there are only seven species.

In addition, they also develop activities for social inclusion, appreciation of environmental culture, community involvement, environmental education, job opportunities and much more.

Preserve Pipa

Created from the initiative of participants of the Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa (ASHTEP) and the Pipa Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Preserve Pipa movement aims to preserve nature, thus ensuring the well-being of residents, in addition to provide the best experiences for those who visit the place.

The group of entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of their actions for the permanence of the animals present in the region and the ecosystem in general. What makes Pipa one of the fastest growing tourist spots in the country.

Other partners on Cleaning Day

In addition to the Preserve Pipa movement, Acquapipa, Projeto Tamar and Vive Pipa, other establishments are united in the cause for the preservation of the environment and cleaning action on the beaches. Are they:

This joint action is essential to achieve the goals of Cleanup Day, generating a large workforce on the beaches and raising awareness of residents and tourists about the importance of environmental preservation.

Cleaning action on the beaches in 2022/2023

It is worth remembering that awareness of the importance of correct waste disposal is already happening in Pipa. This year, Preserve Pipa in partnership with Acquapipa Vive Pipa has been cleaning the beaches since the beginning of the second half of 2022 and promises to continue with the actions in the following year as well.

For many years the accumulation of garbage on beaches has been a matter of great importance with regard to environmental health. The idea of the movement is to encourage the maintenance of waste production itself and the proper form of disposal, either using the usual dumps or alternatives for recyclables.

Importance of environmental health

Preserving the environment is essential for the maintenance of life on Earth. After all, it is from him that we draw the necessary resources for our survival.

However, the growing pollution has been frightening for some decades, especially with regard to the incorrect disposal of waste. In coastal regions, this whole process is even more dangerous.

That's because the garbage ends up in the ocean and directly harms animal life. Straws, bags, plastic bottles and other materials are enemies of marine life and, even worse, take years and years to decompose naturally. That means they stay there, harming the environment for a long time.

The impacts of pollution have already been more than proven, in addition to damaging the landscape and dirty waters, they also directly affect the quality of life of the animals that are responsible for maintaining the environment.

Therefore, if we do not start to become aware of this whole process, the long-term damage, which is already present in our daily lives, will be the scarcity of resources, the extinction of animal life and the precariousness of the quality of human life.

So that we are not the cause of our own downfall, social projects and partnerships have emerged in order to raise this flag and help preserve the environment. An example of this is World Clean Up Day!

Now you know all about World Cleanup Day and the importance of being part of this action to ensure environmental health. Therefore, be sure to participate and become aware of the importance of correctly disposing of your garbage, whether at home or during the holidays. Planet Earth thanks you! 


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