Preserve Pipa in association with Acqua Pipa Resort: environmental action in favor of the environment.

Preserve Pipa in association with Acqua Pipa Resort: environmental action in favor of the environment.

● What is Preserve Pipa? ● Beach cleaning action ● What is the importance of social initiative? ● Other actions and activities carried out by Preserve Pipa ● Objectives of Preserving Pipa in the region

Pipa, in Tibau do Sul, is considered part of one of the largest ecological heritages in Brazil. Therefore, social and ecological actions in favor of environmental health are of utmost importance.

One of the movements focused on the welfare of nature and the preservation of local animal life is Preserve Pipa.

Recently, one of its activities started, in association with Acqua Pipa Resort and Vive Pipa. The beach cleanup, which used to be done at the end of the year, began at the beginning of the second half of 2022.

This initiative aims to make the population aware of the importance of the correct disposal of waste on the beaches.

Read this article to the end and learn everything about the beach cleanup action in Pipa, the importance of this social and ecological initiative.

What is Preserve Pipa?

Created from the initiative of participants from the Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa (ASHTEP) and the Pipa Convention & Visitors Bureau, the movement aims to preserve nature, thus guaranteeing the well-being of residents, in addition to providing the best experiences for those who visit the place.

The group of businessmen is aware of the importance of their actions for the permanence of the animals present in the region and the ecosystem in general. Which makes Pipa one of the fastest growing tourist spots in the country.

The destination has the presence of various species of animals. You can easily find dolphins and sea turtles while enjoying some of the local beaches, a unique and indescribable experience.

The Preserve Pipa Movement has different initiatives and important alliances for environmental awareness. Recently, one of these actions was to promote the cleanliness of the beach area.

Beach cleaning action

This year's beach cleanup action, promoted by the Preserve Pipa Movement, began on July 9. The activity has two teams that will clean the beaches, collecting the waste from bathers.

The partnership with Acqua Pipa Resort and Vive Pipa stipulated a period of twelve months for the activities. Which means that the beach cleaning process is guaranteed until the second half of 2023!

For decades, the accumulation of litter on beaches has been a prominent issue regarding environmental health. The idea of the movement is to encourage the maintenance of the own production of waste and the proper way of disposal, either using the usual baskets or alternatives for recyclables.

What is the importance of the social and environmental initiative?

In Pipa you can find dolphins, herons, ben-te-vis and sea turtles. The existence and permanence of the species in the region is mainly due to the ecological balance and local preservation.

With the popularity of Pipa's beaches, the increase in the accumulation of irregularly dumped garbage was of concern. For this reason, the Preserve Pipa movement has been cleaning the beaches for three years now during the high season, when the region has the highest number of visitors.

This year, the activities began in July and will continue to promote awareness among residents and tourists.

Main residues found on the beaches

Among the main waste collected on the beaches, we can highlight:

  • Cigarette butts;
  • Beer and soft drink cans;
  • Glass bottles;
  • Styrofoam pieces;
  • Bags and straws;
  • Other waste discarded in the region.

Garbage on beaches harms environmental health

It is worth mentioning how aggressive these materials can be for the environment and animal life. Bags and straws, for example, can be great enemies of marine animals, in addition to the fact that they take more than 450 years to start the decomposition process.

With the natural presence of dolphins and sea turtles, the presence of this type of material becomes even more worrying.

It is important to remember that, during the tide, all the garbage from the sands is carried into the sea, directly interfering with the marine flora, even running the risk of alienating the species that live and reproduce there.

Other actions and activities carried out by Preserve Pipa

Preserve Pipa has various activities and actions in the region. Among the main activities of the movement, we can highlight:

  • Sponsorship of cleaning squads;
  • Sponsorship of local festivals;
  • Sponsorship of the congress called “Sebrae Sunset – Pipa edition, which is an event where sustainability is committed with the intention of reducing the environmental impact;
  • The distribution of 32 trash cans along Pipa beach;
  • Donation of items such as drinking fountains, UV t-shirts and garbage bags;
  • Upkeep of garbage cans on Av. Baía dos Golfinhos;
  • Purchase and donation of 5 containers of 1000 liters for the disposal of garbage;
  • Support for Sebrae's “Conexão Empreendedora” project;
  • Support for local events;
  • Additional security support for New Year's beach events;
  • Development of digital material to promote the destination;
  • The development of the seminar “Lixo Zero na Pipa”;
  • Development of advertising material for support and distribution at fairs;
  • The campaign for the use of alcohol gel to combat COVID 19;
  • Project called “Verão Praias Limpas”;
  • The tourist tax that affects the Ecological Sanctuary, Tamar Project and AMAP PIPA;
  • The investment made in the program called Local Tourism Development Program - DEL Turismo;
  • Support for the Tamar project.

Objectives of Preserve Pipa in the region

In the beginning, Preserve Pipa was created with the objective of maintaining and preserving the Ecological Sanctuary. A private park that has about 90 hectares of green area and is considered the heart of the region.

However, over time the movement gained strength, also acting in the preservation of the environment, sustainability projects and dissemination of the destination for tourists. Preserve Pipa also participates in investment actions related to infrastructure, with a focus on the regions of Praia de Pipa, Tibau do Sul and Sibaúma.

The beach cleaning action directly reflects the proposal of the movement and has important alliances. It is a visibility movement that proposes the collaboration of all for a healthier destination.

Now you know everything about Preserve Pipa's action and the importance of this type of initiative. Be sure to participate and share with your friends so that even more people become aware of the importance of properly disposing of waste on beaches, parks, squares or anywhere else.

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