Gastronomic Festival Sabores de Pipa

Gastronomic Festival Sabores de Pipa

Starters, mains, desserts and unique drinks on the most popular beach in RN

Sabores da Pipa: 2nd Edition of the festival will take place in Praia da Pipa in March

Praia da Pipa will host, for the second time, the Sabores da Pipa Gastronomic Festival, an incredible culinary event. During the more than 10 days of programming, tourists and residents will be able to get to know a little about the many restaurants in the city of Tibau do Sul. More than that, they will be delighted with workshops, stalls and many others. attractions All this in the midst of a paradisiacal environment and the well-known potiguar receptivity.
Interested? So take a look below a little more about the event and all the information you need to enjoy this event!

The gastronomic center of Praia da Pipa

Northeastern food has always been highly valued, both by Brazilians and by the thousands of foreigners who visit its beautiful beaches.“Sabores da Pipa comes to praise our gastronomic variety and recognize the excellent chefs of the different establishments. Praia da Pipa is a true redoubt of good gastronomy, here we have restaurants that would go well anywhere in the world”. Confirms Adrianne Ciantelli, creator of the project.
From local ingredients to the skills of northeastern chefs, the time has come for this appreciation to take place more broadly. The Sabores da Pipa Gastronomic Festival arises, then, as a way not only to demonstrate, but also to recognize all that cultural baggage that cooking brings. Through this, the restaurants of the city of Tibau do Sul will be able to be recognized and present their dishes to a public eager for quality.

Sabores da Pipa Gastronomic Festival: The event

Knowing everything described above, the event producers Lá na Casinha and Juçara Figueiredo Produções decided to invest in local gastronomy. To this end, between March 17 and 27, the second edition of the Sabores da Pipa Gastronomic Festival is held. With the support of the Municipality of Tibau do Sul and the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, the festival will feature the so-called Pontos do Sabor for the enjoyment of visitors.
As a kind of gastronomic tour, tourists and locals will be able to taste dishes from numerous establishments at attractive prices. From small tasting portions to full dinners, this is your chance to discover the famous flavors of the Northeast. Much more than just an event, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with the culture of Pipa and learn more about this incredible place.

Sabores da Pipa for visitors

Tourists who have a trip to Pipa during the festival period will have a once in a lifetime opportunity. In a few days you will be able to try a bit of each of the main local restaurants, and even with exclusive dishes for the occasion. Not in vain is it expected to attract a good public, from distant visitors to residents of the cities of the region.
To present an even more interesting concept, the Pipa Flavors Gastronomic Arena will be available on weekends. Here, those present will be able to walk among food stalls, local producers and even the Ecofeira de Pipa. They will also be able to attend cultural shows and musical attractions, so it is easy to get lost among all the good food and have a fun night with the family.
A great attraction, in addition to all this, is the offer of dishes at more affordable prices than those practiced in restaurants. With prices 25% to 30% lower, there's a chance to bring inclusivity to the event, as well as allowing everyone to enjoy these treats without worrying about the bill.

Sabores da Pipa for restaurants

Looking at the other side of this event, there are the restaurants of Praia da Pipa, which find here the opportunity to reach new audiences. More than that, they can demonstrate all the quality of their dishes and the skill of their cooks. To participate, you must register for the event before February 18, 2022. However, there are some rules that must be followed.
First of all, everyone must commit to offering exclusive versions of a complete meal, considering starters, main courses, drinks or desserts. According to Juçara Figueiredo, producer of the festival, there is an explanation for this requirement: “We believe in the importance of offering an exclusive menu during the event so that the visitor is invited to try something new at their favorite restaurant or surprised by a new space they have chosen. know".
Another rule for the participants is that the dishes must have a fixed price and be between 25% and 30% below the traditional price. The idea is that


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