5 tips to enjoy Praia da Pipa in a unique way

5 tips to enjoy Praia da Pipa in a unique way

Take advantage of these tips to make the most of your stay in Pipa!

Where do I start, what do I do, how do I understand doing it so that I know more about this place, take better advantage of it and understand that Playa de Pipa is much more, that it goes further and has much to offer. .

Let's go!

1. Search: browse the Internet, search for websites, blogs, ebooks, instagram profiles, videos on YouTube, visit the site www.vivepipa.com or download the “Vive Pipa” application. There are 10 beaches, many attractions, several options for walks, experiences and adventures. Pipa has a complicated geography. Understand the logic of the place a little and you will be able to enjoy it better.

2. Start with a tour: there are tours like the Jeep Camaro Amarelo that function as city tours in the region, including stops at tourist spots, visits to beaches and places that would not be possible to do on foot or with any vehicle, but that are beautiful and they need to be seen. On this tour you will understand which are the different beaches and how they are located, the distances between one and the other and what attractions each one may have. Not to mention having a highly praised guide who for years has led tourists to be enchanted by the magical Pipa Beach.

3. Do something you have never done before: walk above the trees in the middle of the forest, descending a zip line with a lush landscape around it, driving an ATV and driving, with great responsibility, your adventure, cycling through beautiful landscapes, contemplate a sunset in the middle of the lagoon with the reflection of the light around it and who knows with the company of dolphins. Live unforgettable moments.

4. Experience the local cuisine - There is a wide variety of great restaurants. Different types of cuisine, created especially by each chef to surprise and receive them. Reserve a part of your budget to enjoy delicious flavors and sensations.

5. Choose a day or a few hours to be at peace: feel and enjoy the moment. It can be in front of the sea, in an exclusive Day Use space or in the Bay of Golfinhos in a stand up in the middle of the sea, or in your accommodation. But connect with the place and with yourself, it will do you very good and leave you with unique memories.

All this to make your days in Pipa Beach fantastic and unforgettable!

Let's go together?

Redaction: Ludmila Abreu

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