The Rally of the Sertões will have its start at Pipa Beach in 2021

The Rally of the Sertões will have its start at Pipa Beach in 2021

An unmissable event!

The Rally de los Sertões (desert) is one of the most important events of its kind in the world, with an extremely rich history. In its 2021 edition, the competition will have its starting point for the first time in Praia da Pipa. This will be the eighth time that Rio Grande do Norte has premiered the rally, with the others leaving Natal.

Therefore, this is a great alternative for those who do not know the Tibau do Sul region, where the beach is located. After a complex 2020, this will be the year to fulfill the dream of visiting the event and traveling a bit. There is no better destination, then, than one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the entire country.

The local Department of Tourism made several investments to guarantee this important event. Thus, honoring the passage of the rally in Rio Grande do Norte is also a way to encourage tourism in the state.

Interested? Then take a look at more information about the Rally de los Sertões below. More than that, find out how to follow the competition and enjoy the beauties of Praia da Pipa.

History of the Rally of the Sertões

The first edition of this great event was held in 1991, still under the name of Rally São Francisco. The script, 30 years ago, began in the interior of São Paulo, in Ribeirão Preto. The route passed through several states, reaching the beautiful beaches of Maceió for its completion.

It was only in 1993 that the Rally de lo Sertões (desert) came into existence with this name. In that year, the start was made in the city of Campos do Jordão, also in São Paulo, while the finish line was in Natal. This was the first time that the state of Rio Grande do Norte received an important stage of the event.

In the following years, the competition grew and attracted more looks. Thus, several foreigners began to participate, bringing with them an international role. At the same time, more categories were added, such as cars.

With important sponsors and worldwide prominence, the event arrives in 2021 at its 30 years. With this, the participation of Playa da Pipa as a start only confirms the importance of the region in the Brazilian tourist scene. At least that is what Lavoisyer Macena, Secretary of Tourism of Tibau do Sul, says, who explains that almost 90% of the local economy comes from the service sector.

“The name of Pipa will be widely publicized throughout the country, and with that, everyone involved in local tourism will win. An event like the Rally de los Sertões attracts a larger audience to the city and promotes the destination through its high exposure in the media ”.

The Rally of the Sertões 2021

With all the evolution seen above, the Rally de los Sertões arrives in 2021 with a totally different face. The event is now simply called Sertões, but it still has the same characteristics that enshrined it. Not surprisingly, this is the biggest rally in all of the Americas.

More than that, the competition will be a special part of the UTV, Moto and Quad Cross Country Rally World Championship. And that confirms the importance of this in the world scene of the sport. However, these are not the only categories available to anyone who wants to compete or watch. For competitors, the alternatives are:

  • Auto Cross Country;
  • Auto Cross Country - T2;
  • Motorcycle / Quad;
  • Moto - Brazil / CRF até 250 / Self;
  • UTV.

The car options can be made in pairs, thus making the change in driving possible. For those who prefer something truer, the Self category offers the most classic rally experience. Thus, there are options for all tastes for those who want to participate.

Another possibility, for those who prefer not to take risks, is to follow the event as a spectator. From the inhabitants of the cities where the competition will take place to the tourists of all the Brazilian states, it is possible to enjoy the adrenaline rush without getting in the car or getting your clothes dirty.

The route

For the first time in its almost 30 years of history, the Rally de los Sertões will be 100% in the deserts. The 2021 edition will have its complete tour in the Northeast, taking advantage of the Caatinga biome. Its characteristics bring even more excitement to the rally and many new features for the competitors.

The route begins at Pipa Beach, in Rio Grande do Norte, on August 13. Regarding the election, the CEO of the event, Joaquim Monteiro, explained:

"One of the main characteristics of Sertões is to show a Brazil that few people know and Rio Grande do Norte is a state full of natural treasures to explore, in addition to having a connection of love with the Sertões family."

After the game, the competition will pass through more than 150 cities in Northeast Brazil in 10 days. In total, 5,000 kilometers will be covered by the pilots, divided into a prologue and 9 more stages. The idea, then, is to close this incredible party on August 22, when the great champions of each category will be announced.

Much more than just watching the event, therefore, this is an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with the national beauties. Starting from Tibau do Sul, it is possible to visit little-known places in Northeast Brazil and create memories that will last a lifetime.

How to enjoy the Rally de los Sertões 2021?

For those who are interested in witnessing this spectacular event, either as a competitor or a spectator, it is best to inform yourself well. Even more so in a year with so many variables, always being aware of the data of each destination will be a great differential in your planning.

In the first stage, therefore, the Vive Pipa platform is the best for getting to know the region in depth. As the main portal for Playa de Pipa, you can take advantage of the application or the website to find the information you need. This will be your guide during your stay in this heavenly place.

From beautiful inns to incredible resorts, there are various accommodation possibilities in the region. However, to make your reservation, you don't even need to do a lot of internet searches. Here you can find the best hotel options in Pipa, analyzing which is the most suitable for your situation.

Likewise, the local gastronomy makes even the most cautious mouth watering. There are many alternatives to satisfy your hunger, especially after dedicating all day to the Rally de los Sertões. Just check out our full list to see each option for a snack or dinner.

Rally of the Sertões and Pipa Beach: perfect union!

Without a doubt, Pipa Beach is an excellent option to host the opening of the 2021 Sertões Rally. The place has beautiful landscapes and a complete structure, with the capacity to receive tourists and competitors. It's the perfect combination to make this event even better.

Even more so in a year as emblematic as this, taking advantage of the opportunity to be distracted is the desire of the vast majority of people. So combining one of the biggest competitions in the world with a heavenly destination can't go wrong, right? In fact, this is an effort by the Ministry of Tourism that will be extremely beneficial to the locals.

You can check the schedule of the Rally de los Sertões by clicking here.

So, are you interested in seeing the Rally de los Sertões in Pipa Beach? Check in Vive Pipa what to do here and how to enjoy the destination during the event! Enjoy and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive all the news about this beautiful region! We also have our application in 3 languages, available for Android and iOS; Just look in the PlayStore or AppStore for Vive Pipa, with all the destination information!

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