5 applications to be more productive at work Home Office

5 applications to be more productive at work Home Office

Reconciling the routine at home with work and, in some situations, with children, is a mission that requires a lot of effort, concentration and discipline.

In this new era that we are living in, working from home is no longer a privilege for some, many people have been forced to do home office to maintain social isolation and have had to adapt to it. By choice or not, this practice has become increasingly common in the labor market, it is estimated that around 25% of employment contracts will be 100% remote after the pandemic.

Being closer to family, saving hours on the way to work, and being able to work from anywhere is a huge benefit! Imagine, you can work from the beach or from your hotel in Pipa, just have a suitable place, adequate equipment and internet connection.

To help maintain your productivity and communication with your work team, we have separated the 5 best applications for your home office work.


- Google Drive: Documents, Sheets and Presentations

Google Drive is essential, it allows you to create and edit documents online, being able to see the edits of the collaborators in real time. You can share folders with whoever you want and have a good free space. Store everything safely and access from anywhere.

- Trello: Project organization

Trello is a collaborative tool that organizes projects in boxes and allows you to view them as a whole. In each table, task lists are created, it is possible to assign those responsible for each one, deadlines, comments, check-lists and file uploads.

- Google Hangouts: Video conferencing

Or Google Hangouts is essential for working from home, allowing you to link, videoconferences and chat with your collaborators and clients. It is possible to record video-chat meetings and we can participate with 10 people.

- Toggl: Time management

The Toggl application manages time on different tasks. Just activate the app and it will start recording the time. It helps to understand exactly how much time you are spending in each process of your work.


- Todoist: Task lists

Todolist aims to create priority lists that can be divided into different categories, schedules and define the importance of each task.


New technologies are developed daily to help productivity in remote work. Take the opportunity to be productive, make the most of your time, to be able to enjoy your life and travel to Pipa! See you here, see you soon!


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