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The Chapadão is a gazer located on a huge reddish cliff where you can enjoy the view of Amor Beach, Lajinha and Minas Beach.

It is guaranteed stalls of rides that go towards the south coast. The pictures taken there are incredible, as well as the beautiful panoramic view of the beaches, the contrast of the colors of the blue sea and red cliffs makes anyone stunned! Definitely worth the visit to take that souvenir home!

The sunrise at Chapadão is also a great experience, it happens very early, between 4am and 5am in the morning. Undoubtedly a spectacle of nature, because the sun appears on the horizon close to the sea and colors the whole landscape with its greatness.

How to get?

To get to the Chapadão, just go straight along the main avenue of Pipa, Baia dos Golfinhos Avenue, there are many signposts and everyone knows it, it's very easy.

Enjoy the beauty of this beach in the following video, which we did exclusively for you.


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