Discover the Santorini hotel near the downtown beach!

Discover the Santorini hotel near the downtown beach!

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Oca Surf Santorini is located right in the center of Pipa, close to the main street. The beach is at a minimum distance from the hotel, and the location of the establishment is considered privileged, as it has markets, pharmacies and restaurants nearby.

One of the most sought after restaurants in Pipa is located extremely close to the place. Mirante Sunset Bar is one of the best-known restaurants in Praia de Pipa, as it offers the privilege of guaranteeing one of the most beautiful views of the sunset.

The rooms at the place have two bathrooms with showers, a balcony with a gazebo, a living room on both floors and a kitchen. The biggest benefit of staying in this environment is the beautiful view of Praia do Centro. The biggest disadvantage is that the place does not have air conditioning and electric shower.

At the viewpoint there is a barbecue for those who want to enjoy the moment roasting meat with family or friends. The place is small, therefore, from 4 people occupying, an additional amount is charged and calculated by the website itself. On the upper floor, the spare mattresses are stored.

How about booking this place to stay with your family? We guarantee that you will like it a lot, especially for the location!

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